The antithesis of mass production, all of our products are handcrafted in England by us and other highly skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

We also provide free personalisation by Embossing, Embroidering or Vinyl Printing each item with your name or initials, to give you a truly unique and personalised accessory.

The majority of our products are personalised using the technique of Embossing. Each of these items has a leather badge or patch we have designed especially to put your name or initials on to make each item truly unique to you.

We have chosen our own preferred font which we use for all of our leather embossing. This font has been machine tooled into brass letters which are then securely mounted onto our bespoke embossing machine and heated to 120 degrees. The chosen letters are then ‘branded’, using a combination of heat and pressure, onto the leather to create your own unique and personalised product.

For our Notebooks and Diaries, we use a similar method of personalising called Hot Foil Blocking.

Once lined up, your chosen name or initials are transferred in silver or black foil using heat from the embossing machine. This process is then repeated to ensure an even coverage and sharp, glossy finish.

Our Embroidered products are (if we do say so ourselves) a true work of art.

Each letter embroidered contains an average of 7,000 stitches, to make a beautiful, intricate monogram to last a lifetime. All of our embroidered products are made to order, and so take a day or two longer to process than the embossing, but well worth the wait, we think you’ll agree.

A selection of our products are personalised using vinyl. We have a large selection of colours which we use on our Tarpaulin Range and also our new See through cosmetic bags.

The vinyl colour is selected and we programme in the name or initials which have been chosen. This is then sent to the cutter which carefully plots out the letters on the vinyl leaving the backing unscathed. We then peel off the reverse of the letters and place it on the product.

This is then put under a heat sealer which uses heat and pressure to fix the vinyl onto the surface of the product. The way this bonds to the product means it fuses the material with the vinyl, creating an incredibly strong and durable print, made to last.