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by leigh jolliffe |

At Will Bees Bespoke, we love everything to do with bees!

You only have to look at our flower and bees collection which celebrates the flora and bees native to Devon and Cornwall. Our collection of bags and accessories are made with Emma Mawston original designs, Liberty Art Fabrics, embroidered bee velvets, and our own signature print collection. These luxuries are sure favourites for nature and bee lovers everywhere. 


Did you also know that every item sold also comes with a small pack of wildflower seeds to sprinkle in your garden and help promote the natural habitat for our bees, locally and around the UK?


Will Bees Bespoke Wildflower seeds


And now, we are also a proud supporter of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the UK’s leading charity for the monitoring and conservation of bees, and we've pledged to donate a percentage of sales* to this worthy cause.

Will Bees Bespoke inspired by RHS Chelsea Flower Show 

Gardeners have long known about the importance of bumblebees for pollination. These wild bees are iconic, charismatic and captivating insects, and provide a vital “free-bee” role in pollinating much of the food on our plates, our gardens and wildflowers, as well as fruits and seeds for birds and small mammals. They act as a useful and powerful indicator of the health of our environment but their numbers and distribution are declining.




The 24 species of bumblebee in the UK, represent approximately 10% of the world’s bumblebee species. In the last 100 years, 2 species have become extinct and 8 of our remaining species are in serious decline, so we want to our bit and are thrilled to support this wonderful charity.


If you'd like to help save Britain's bumblebees, why not visit Bee the Change and find out how you can make your local area more bumblebee-friendly.

  Proudly supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

* a minimum donation of £500