Bee-hind the Scenes of our Christmas photoshoot

Bee-hind the Scenes of our Christmas photoshoot

It's never too early for Christmas in our opinion and so planning a Christmas photoshoot in early October was always going to be a fun day out for the Will Bees Bespoke team.

Here's just some of the beautiful photos taken by the very talented @emmatolleyphotography.

A massive thank you goes out to Jude, for the loan of her beautiful home and orangery, which we have fallen in love with; @nkuku for their Christmas ornaments; @Habit_Haus_ for their stunning candles ; @RidleyLondon for the amazing clothes and especially for the loan of the stunning Bumblebee Garden velvet blazer, made from our luxurious Bee Garden Collection fabric and as seen at @the_rhs Chelsea Flower Show and finally to our gorgeous, patient models Helena and mum Janet. 

Here's Emma setting the scene, at Jude's beautiful orangery in South Pool, near Salcombe.


Emma Tolley Christmas photoshoot

Who knew you could get such stunning Christmas trees in October! 
 coin purses Christmas tree
What every woman wants for Christmas a Will Bees Bespoke Clutch bag :)
opening Diana Clutch bag at Christmas
A photogenic and well behaved Bumble!
Bumble  at Christmas photoshoot with will bees bespoke bags
Helena showcasing the stunning bumblebee garden blazer by Ridley London
bumblebee garden blazer by Ridley London
Our animal print collection in all its glory
will bees bespoke animal print collection 
Vintage candlesticks were from our good friend Pete at @TwoRoomsKingsbridge
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