Emma Mawston

Meant to Bee - Introducing Emma Mawston 🐝


Emma Mawston is a highly skilled fabric designer who worked with Liberty for many years as their Head of Design for Liberty Art Fabrics.  With a background in fine art and a degree in textile design, Emma brings a unique perspective to her work. Her designs are characterised by their intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and meticulous craftsmanship.


Emma Mawston Painting on Tresco

 Emma's designs stand out due to her innovative approach and attention to detail. By combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, Emma creates fabrics that are both timeless and contemporary.  This can be seen in her Bee themed designs, created exclusively for Will Bees Bespoke.


Bee Story flower cut outs  Furthermore, Emma's commitment to sustainability is commendable. She actively seeks out eco-friendly materials and production methods, ensuring that her designs have a minimal environmental impact. Emmas latest design 'Bee Tree' is testament to her passion for nature and those involved in protecting it. Emma hand draws, cuts out and colours each design before digitally perfecting it ready for print. 


Will Bees & Emma Mawston 

Emma first met Will at Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, where she spotted one of her Liberty prints had been made into a Will Bees Bespoke bag.  After an initial conversation the innovative imaginations of both Will and Emma began to grow into a concept that was to become a collaboration, not just with each other, but with a wide number of ecologists, gardeners, bee keepers, authors, fashion houses, environmentalists and more! By May of 2020, one year on from meeting at Chelsea, a new Will Bees Bespoke design had been created by Emma. 


Emmas first design for Will Bees Bespoke is Bumblebee Garden in Midday Sun - featuring a UK favourite, the buff tailed bumblebee.  The first roll of fabric was being made into bags by October 2020 and Midday Sun is still one of our most popular selling designs today.  It's vibrant colours and detailed drawings were inspired by flora and bees native to Devon and Cornwall.  We will be bringing you more details about Emma's more recent designs for Will Bees Bespoke through more blog posts. 


Midday Sun Velvet 


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